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Thank you for visiting Niagara Facts, a website about Niagara Bottling’s application to the St. Johns River Water Management District to revise and extend our Consumptive Use Permit. Our aim is to provide information that is accurate and relevant to your interest in Niagara’s application.

We are very aware that members of the public have questions about Niagara and our plans. We ask that visitors take the time to understand a little more about our company, our industry and the context in which we make this application.

Why is context important?

Keep in mind that all commercial and industrial groundwater uses in Central Florida represent a relatively small portion of total water use. This chart, compiled by the Central Florida Water Initiative, shows that uses in the Commercial / Industrial category represent only a small fraction of total groundwater withdrawals in the region when compared to Public Supply (municipal) uses and Agricultural uses. This chart makes clear that in context, Niagara’s permitted use represents a small fraction of the Commercial/Industrial sector, one of the smaller categories of groundwater withdrawals in the CFWI.

It is also clear that Niagara is one of many bottling operations in Florida. According to the St. Johns River Water Management District’s press release about our application, the district notes that there are seven water bottling companies within the 18-county district. Collectively, the district says, all seven companies combined use “less than 3/10th of 1 percent of the water used [throughout the District] on daily basis.”

One more fact to keep in mind: Water bottling is just one segment of Florida’s beverage industry, which is responsible for creating almost 300,000 jobs throughout the state and more than $8 billion in compensation. Virtually every major brand of soft drinks, sports drinks and beer are manufactured in production facilities in Florida. Each of those Florida-based facilities relies upon the same groundwater resource that Niagara relies on.

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