Niagara created the Eco-Air Go Green environmental program with the goal of reducing our impact on the environment. Our completed and ongoing efforts have led to an estimated annual reduction of 211.4 million lbs of CO2 and 67 million gallons on water.

Here is a summary of the initiatives and their annual impact:

Eco-Air Bottle®
Resin consumption reduced by 45.8 million pounds
CO2 emissions reduced by 98 million pounds
375,000 fewer barrels of petroleum consumed

Solar Panels
CO2 emissions reduced by 60,000 lbs

Manufacturing changes
CO2 emissions reduced by 10.8 million lbs

Geothermal Energy
CO2 emissions reduced by 750,000 lbs
5,000,000 gallons of water saved annually

Energy Efficient Lighting
CO2 emissions reduced by 224,000 lbs

High Efficiency Boilers
CO2 emissions reduced by 1.6 million lbs

Water Reclamation for Irrigation
Water consumption reduced by 2,000,000 gallons

Reverse Osmosis Improvements
Water consumption reduced by 35,000,000 gallons

Advanced Cooling Tower Controls
Water consumption reduced by 25,000,000 gallons

Supply Chain Optimization
CO2 emissions reduced by 100 million lbs
Crude oil usage reduced by 550,000 barrels

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